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New Stairway Album News

Just to bring you up to speed, Stairway is recording a new album. 

Lead vocals, main guitars and bass are already done. Drums and lead guitar going on soon.

Click on the link to hear a teaser of a new Stairway track -

'Land Of The Free'

coming to a town near you, or more accurately your town in the guise of new music - how's that for ya!!



New Compilation Album

Download Here

We decided now is the time to release an official Stairway  compilation album.  Click on the cover to order.

Deep Cuts is a download compilation of Stairway tracks which contains songs largely not as well known as other Stairway tracks.

1.Sea Of Fools

2.Save Me!

3.The Great Whore Of Babylon

4.Show Me A Woman


6.Fear & Lies

7.Born To Die


9.World In Black

10.The Sky Is Beautiful

11.Foolish Heart

12.The Great Whore Of Babylon (revisited)


The tracks 'Born to Die' and 'Fear & Lies' are taken from the 1st mastering session for the Interregnum album but not used for the final album.

All other tracks are from the Stairway albums: No Rest : No Mercy; Bleeding Heart; On Hallowed Ground; The Other Side Of Midnight and Power and Glory.



New Album News

Here are all the new song titles for tracks on the forth-coming new Stairway album.
We are making good progress with the recording and can't wait to get these new songs out there!

1. Moon Red Blackened Sky

2. Broken Man

3. Eyes of the Blind

4. Tricky Nicky

5. Land Of The Free

6. See The Light

7. We're Gonna Rock

8. Take Him Down

9. Killing Time.



Power and Glory
Brand new album 'Power and Glory' 2016!
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The Demo Sessions

'Interregnum' 2010 - Click here to BUY CD
Click Cover to Buy

The Other Side of Midnight
'The Other Side Of Midnight ' 2006 - Click here to BUY CD
Click Cover to Buy

On Hallowed Ground
'On Hallowed Ground'  2002 - Click here to BUY CD
Click Cover to Buy

Bleeding Heart
'Bleeding Heart' 1999 - Click here to BUY CD
Click Cover to Download

No Rest : No Mercy
'No Rest:No Mercy'  1993/2005 - Click here to BUY CD
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